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Music Review: "Casting Crowns" by Casting Crowns
December 16, 2005, 10:13 pm
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About a week and a half ago, I heard the song “Who Am I” on the radio. I was hooked. The meaning was so deep, the melody so compelling, I loved it. So last Saturday, I picked up the album ” Casting Crowns” by the band Casting Crowns. I love this CD…its been played dozens of times this week, and I still am not tired of it. What do I like about it? The solid theology behind the well-written lyrics; the Scriptural basis of every single song; the unpretentious sincerity; the awesome musicality…the list could go on. The ten tracks on the album flow well yet each track stands alone as well. The first track, “What If His People Prayed” is a really great challenge from 2Cor7:14. “If We Are The Body” is a catchy song decrying the partiality shown by so many Christians today.”Voice of Truth is a bit quieter and has a great message: The memorable chorus singing in the background of my head has repeatedly encouraged me to turn to God for power to resist temptation. “Who Am I”, the reason I bought the album, is an awe-inspiring super-encouraging reminder of Who I belong to. The song “American Dream” was concerning to me; I can see this attitude in many of my peers and friends and I am deeply concerned about the long term impact. The other significant trarks included “Praise You With the Dance” (I love the little counter-melody folk dance tune) and “Life of Praise” (very catchy with an awesome guitar riff).
So I would heartily recommend this album. It is a great example of CCM done right.


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Ah yes, an excellent album….And may I refer you to Casting Crown’s excellent “Lifesong” album (their next after the self-titled LP). That one features the awesome hit single “Lifesong.”

And……where are those pictures BRO?!!?!?!?? 😉

Comment by Samuel Van Eerden

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