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Quest 2006 Update
July 31, 2006, 5:54 am
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In defense of the lack of posts, let me just point to the 100+ hour work weeks.
Quest 2006 has been going exceptionally well.
With three weeks done, we (the leadership team) have seen an exciting level of change and growth in these young men’s lives. For those not familiar with Quest (, it is a four-week long program designed to assist young men with the transition from boy to man. Col. Tanner, the director of ALERT and of Quest, asked me to run the program. This has been a learning experience; something of a crucible experience. My stamina, endurance and patience have been tested and my leadership skills honed. It really was a well-rounded personal development course for me: I got to learn about working within an office environment with different departments, coworkers and bosses. I further developed skills in putting together in all of the components logistically etc. Working with my sister, I learned how to work with a sectary and keep her busy. Later in the process, I gained valuable experience in interacting with parents ("customers"). During the leadership training week, I experienced the challenge of leading/instructing leaders. This was a different situation for me. Then, when the program started and I was directly responsible for 94 individuals, I gained a whole new understanding of responsiblity.
The biggest thing I learned, however, was the amazing, awesome power of God’s sustaining strength. "I love you, O Lord, my strength!" (Ps 18:1) became my resonating cry. Every day I had to surrender my own goals, cast my burdens (all of them!) on Jesus and then accept his powerful support. This is all good on paper but is a totally different (and amazing!) thing in reality.

Samuel Kordik ~ Soli Deo Gloria!!


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