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Ruminations on the Rise of Complacency
August 14, 2006, 6:48 pm
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I just arrived back in Texas for the Paramedic program at IAA, and have spent
much time the last few days discussing deep things with Isaac Millard, Peter
Janowski and others. One of the major topics has been on the startling apathy
evident in today’s young Protestant Christian Homeschoolers (to borrow Sam’s
phrase). You know the type…dressed neatly, listens to the “right” music,
honors his parents, *never* dreams of doing drugs or alcohol, is committed to
“courting”. He gets honors in all his tests, is on an insane courseload in
homeschool, does all kinds of extracurricular activities with his homeschool
co-op. Never gets in trouble, and all the moms love him.
Yet what does he do for the Lord? When he gets to heaven, he will see the
results of his complacent self-satisfied lifestyle. He will come in as
through a fire, just barely making it. And he will look down towards Hell and
see the untold thousands perishing because he never cared.
On the same token, take a look at the modern youth-group oriented young man.
His jeans low, a t-shirt, shaggy hair, a necklace. Possibly some tattoos.
This guy listens to Christian rock and goes to the movies. His friendships
are broad and include some people we would cringe at. The homeschool kid
would *never* associate with this guy. And yet this guy does care. He is
evangelizing. Instead of spending his summer mowing lawns, listening to
classical music, and attending summer science co-ops, this guy is doing
missions work in third-world countries. When he gets to heaven, he will be
showered with rewards and many, many people will line up to thank him for
keeping them from hell.
What are you doing? Do you care? Every day, millions die and enter eternal
damnation, yet the majority of Protestant Christian Homeschoolers seem
unaware of their existence. It is time for young men to rise above their
current infantile impotence, to cast off the chains of apathy and rise up.
Someone once challenged Jim Eliot with this: “The world has yet to see what
one man fully surrendered to God can accomplish.” I would take this a step
further and challenge you to join this revolution:
“The world has yet to see what many men fully surrendered to God can
accomplish. Never underestimate the power of teamwork and combined zeal for
Christ’s work.” The world needs to see a force, a band of Christian men in
brotherhood rising up against the burgeoning tide of darkness and spreading
the light of the Gospel wherever people live. With the foundation us
“Protestant Christian Homeschoolers” have, who can imagine the damage we can
inflict on the kingdom of evil?


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I agree! I don’t remember taking part in any of these discussions, but this complacency is that I have been thinking about also. And to me it seems that the malady is more evident among the guys than the girls. Maybe that is simply because I know the guys better.

Comment by Daniel Lewis

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