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September 19, 2006, 6:16 pm
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“Inside the Delta Force” by Eric Haney
In this exciting and well-written book, Eric Haney tells the story of the
secretive 1st Special Forces Operations Detatchment – Delta—the Delta
Force. Selected as one of its charter members, Haney rose to the rank of
Command Seargant Major while participating in nearly every aspect of this
elite organization.
The story explains their training and what made them unique, then details
multiple deployments (including Grenada, Desert One, experiences in Beirut,
and others) which illustrate both Delta’s unique qualifications and the
increasing role SF has in today’s military conflicts.
Although I definitely learned a lot of practical stuff from this book, I
primarily enjoyed reading about all of the slick tactics and sweet training.
One caveat: Language is an issue, predictably, although the copy I was reading
was thoroughly censored by its owner.


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I’ve heard of that book but have not read it. If you want another book on that subject that is really good read ‘The Commandos the inside story of America’s secret soldiers’ by: Douglas C. Waller. It is a good book and covers the Pave Low, Delta, Green Berets and SEALs. Be warned it is like other military books.

Comment by Sinteff

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