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September 19, 2006, 6:11 pm
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“Tear the House Down” by Robert Bauer
I was browsing a friend’s bookshelf the other weekend, looking for something
relaxing to read, when I saw this book. Once I started reading, I could
barely put it down.
This engaging novel tells an alternate history of 9/11 through the
first-person narrative of a CIA operative working during 2001. Haunted by the
kidnapping and assanitation of his station chief, he sets about unraveling a
mystery that gets him fired, nearly gets him killed, and reveals a scarily
realistic conspiracy at the heart of the 2001 terrorist attacks.
The book is written in an almost Ludlum-esque style, although the first person
narrative really sets it apart. There are plenty of unexpected twists and
some good heart-thumping action. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Bauer’s
work is the heavy emphasis on “tradecraft” — the MO of spies and operatives.
Bauer would know, since he is a former CIA operative himself.
This book is engaging, entertaining and intelligent. It made me think
seriously about a lot of the assumptions I had made previously and about some
of the fundamental problems in the Middle East.
One caveat: This book has language issues and some negative moral examples.


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