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Time Management and Productivity
September 26, 2006, 4:30 pm
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I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this lately, especially as I am finding
myself more organized and on top of things then ever before. Its a neat, new
Over the past years I’ve explored FranklinCovey’s principles, the works of
Stephen Covey and John Maxwell, and more recently David Allen’s Getting
Things Done along with David Seah’s awesome PCEO creations.
At this point, I have integrated the GTD system into my daily living and am
using different PCEO forms to maximize my efficency.

This morning I began wondering why I go to such lengths. I came to realize
that Christians ought to be the best at time management. We have a clear
vision of time: A short, limited lifespan and an eternity to reap the rewards
or consequences of our time usage. Time is a treasure, and where we spend it
determines where our heart is.

So, a few thoughts that come to surface in this muddled brain puddle of mine:
1. Determine your style to optimize time usage.
2. Determine “why” you do what you do. How does it impact your mission?
NOTE: To really do well here, you better know what your mission is…for a
clue, read Mat 28.
3. Ask yourself, repeatedly, “What does God want me to do, RIGHT NOW?” (From
Rick Grubbs)

Let me know what system works best for you!


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