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Two more books…
October 13, 2006, 12:59 pm
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I am reading a lot these days!
As you may know, I have a penchant for organized, well-structured books that
have a good outline. Recently, I read two excellent books. These are 5-star,
highly recommended.
“Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll is the single best analysis of how 9/11 occurred
and how the Al-Qaida network came into existence that I have ever read. This
Pulitzer prize-winning work is focused on the CIA’s involvement in
Afghanistan from the Soviet invasion through September 10, 2001. This book
also delves deeply into the history and geopolitics of the entire Middle
Eastern area, especially Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Because of the author’s
thoroughness, the book is an incredibly valuable resource for those who want
to understand Islamic terrorism, AQ and the underlying history of Middle
Eastern instability. Steve Coll, the editor of the Washington Post, sourced
thousands of documents and conducted hundreds of interviews with US, Saudi,
and Pakistani officials and put together an engaging, well-footnoted work.
Don’t expect this to be a quick read; it is long and deep. However, it reads
more like a novel then a government report and the story it tells is highly
I would recommend this book to any and every American out there. Understanding
our enemy and our own history is crucial for American success in this war.
Caveats: None, really…

“Am I Making Myself Clear” by Terry Felber, is an entirely different class of
book. An easily read, simple guidebook to the “Art of Communication”, this
work assesses the communicative process from the outside in. Starting with a
thorough discussion of non-verbal communication (our appearance, our facial
expressions, our hand gestures), Terry Felber explores how to best go about
communicating with anybody–including yourself. This is a small volume, is
filled with quotes and anecdotes illustrating his points and is easily
digestible in a single sitting.
Highly recommended.


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