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I’m an Immortal Warrior, the Son of a Warrior God
November 2, 2006, 1:03 am
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Tonight the ALERT battalion had the incredible privilege of having Anders Johannsen speak for our Wednesday night chapel.
Anders went through ALERT U-13 and completed EMT, AQ, ESO and LAW training before going into the military. He’s been in the military for 4 years, in JSFOC the whole time and has been in combat multiple times during this present war.
He shared his passion: That men be real. His points:
1. We need to make whatever we believe our own and live it.
2. True religion is action. Faith = Action. As he put it, “True religion is courage on the behalf of those who can’t defend themselves, and helping widows and orphans. True religion isn’t words, true religion is action.”
3. We’re children of God. We are called to live like it. “Live lives of excellence,” he admonished, then paused and added, “…or just quit! and walk away from Christianity…Live what you believe!” “We’re called to walk as sons or daughters of a warrior God. If you can’t handle that, if you can’t handle the pressure, step down!”
4. We are commanded to be fearless. Referring to his battlefield success, he stated, “I walk as an immortal. I am the son of a Warrior God. If it is my time to go, there is nothing I can do to stop it. And if it isn’t, watch out, I’m coming at you!”
5. Don’t be afraid of your desires! When Jesus comes into your heart, then your heart is full of Jesus. Once you have fully surrendered to God, he gives you your desires.
6. Trust God completely. Live with complete, committed faith. Learn to surrender. That’s a hard word for men.
Anders illustrated this point with a story about an incident in Afghanistan earlier this year. After some special people had gotten trapped in a bad urban situation, Ander’s team of Green Beret’s went in to extricate them. After several hours, they had isolated the bad guys into a single area and were holding positions to contain them. Anders felt comfortable; he had good weaponry and an excellent position. He knew where the enemy was and he knew they couldn’t move. Then he received a radio call notifying his team that they would pull back to a perimeter they had secured. He didn’t want to. He did not feel like surrendering his position and retreating. After all, he felt he had the situation under control. After command came through, however, he obeyed and fell back. “I then saw the most amazing demonstration of power I’ve ever seen in my life,” he recalls. “We rained hell on those guys.” Air force controllers called in several hours of strikes, gun runs, etc. His conclusion: “When we finally say, ‘I am weak,’ we are stronger than we’d ever imagine.” We need to give up our little positions with our weak little pop-guns and let God take over with his superior fire power. “Don’t try harder, trust more.”

Anders emphasized throughout what he calls “The Warrior Mentality”. This is, he contends, viewing the world through the lens of a soldier. Everything you do is training, and everything you do matters. There is a war, there are good and bad sides, and we are fighting for one or the other, whether we realize
it or not.


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fab post! practical, real, honest… liked this line… “Don’t try harder, trust more.”

Comment by fireball3316

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