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Why ALERT is so great
November 13, 2006, 1:10 am
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Tonight, we witnessed Unit 36 complete Basic Training and advance into the Battalion. Witnessing this event (for the fourth time) caused me to stop and wonder, why is this so great? I have always been a major supporter of ALERT, but why? Why should young men do this? I guess the answer lies in my understanding of who, and what a warrior of God is.
A warrior is self-sacrificing, passionate, disciplined and committed to excellence. This describes real men (the fake toughies of modern day culture need not apply). Basic Training is great because it engrains a young man with these characteristics, thus jumpstarting him in his journey towards manhood. During Basic, only perfect is good enough. This requires excellence and combined with strict standards and a tight schedule, builds discipline. As the training continues, recruits realize that only by teamwork (focus on others) can they meet the demands placed on them. Ultimately, Basic progresses to a point that only with God’s help can recruits make it. By running them to their limit, Basic forces young men to step back and assess their relationship with God. ALERT’s advanced training may not be for everybody, but I believe Basic Training should be a required part of every young men’s pre-college training.
America needs men, not diplomas; men, regardless of career choice; men, in spite of what liberals say. God is looking for men willing to sacrifice their comforts, eager to pursue the greater good, able to endure hardships. The kind of man God is looking for is disciplined, excellent and devoted to His Creator. I have seen no better way to help a young man toward this goal than ALERT.

For more information on ALERT, email me, or see the website:

– Samuel


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I think ALERT IS great Sam and so is Quest! Keep up the good work!

Comment by Jordan G.

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