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The Fundamentals of Becoming a Warrior
January 6, 2007, 11:35 pm
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Recent thought and discussions have led me to the following outline for what
it means to be a warrior:
1. We are here to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. His glorification is accomplished most as we seek His kingdom and make it our number one priority.
2. For men specifically, God wants us to adopt the attitudes of warriors. Our
attle is not one of flesh and blood but is spiritual. And real.
3. The Warrior Attitude, then, consists of four key characteristics:
a. Self-Sacrificing: Our model, Christ gave all for us. What can we give for Him?
b. Passionate: A Warrior differs from a Soldier in that a warrior’s war is personal. He has invested himself in the cause and it is his. God’s cause must be our cause, and God’s will our will.
c. Disciplined: This sets the men apart from the boys. A warrior is disciplined, training himself in all things to be the best he can.
d. Excellent: Special Forces demand the best of the best. So should Christians – after all, our father is the King of the universe. Our work should reflect its royal heritage.
4. The Warrior attitude will come out in actions.
The warrior will not:
– Become entangled in civilian pursuits.
– Lose focus through distractions.
– Engage in harmful activities.
– Look back
The warrior will:
– Train for success
– Defend those who cannot defend themselves.
– Fight the good fight of the faith.
– Endure hardships
– Prepare for the future.

I hope this outline is helpful for you to explore this concept more thouroughly. It is my hope to turn this outline into a more robust book, and I have a more detailed outline (along with sections expanded into articles) in progress.


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Thanks for the time you put into this Sam! =)


Comment by Jordan G.

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