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Book Review: The Danger Habit
April 2, 2007, 1:27 pm
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The Danger Habit: How To Grow Your Love Of Risk Into Life-Changing Faith.By Mike Barrett. Colorado Springs: Multnomah. 2006.

I was attracted to this book because I recognized the propensity towards risk and danger in my own life. My friends readily admit that I’m crazy, I know I am an adrenaline junkie, and I tend to gravitate towards high-speed activities.

This book was not a disappointment. I expected to find affirmation of who I am and some application of how I could use my personality more effectively in God’s service.

In the preface, Mike Barrett explains:

But The Danger Habit invites you to explore the possibility that God not only intentionally wired you for an extreme life, but He also has a healthy, promising way for you to make the most of what He created you to be.

Mike begins by explaining that some of us are created to be more extreme. Using scientific studies as proof, he established that we tend to be “addicted to risk” and the chemical charge we get off it. But, he also showed how devastating this lifestyle can be to those around us.

The second chapter uses the analogy of tide and wind to explain how some of us are “radicals” (wind) and some are “foundationals” (tide). As both elements are necessary for making the best waves, so both types of people are necessary in this world. A Radical is someone who is difficult to predict or control, highly changeable, and not very dependable. A foundational, on the other hand, is someone who is dependable, predictable and strong.

The Danger Habit goes on to discuss the essentials of saving faith and the change that comes with regeneration. It presents these as being absolutely necessary for success if you have a radical personality.

In the next few chapters, the author discusses several key issues that radicals deal with: relationships, our need to fight, our frequent failures and the importance of having realistic expectations.

He finishes by challenging us to finish the fight well—to live worthy of the prize.

Overall, this book is good. It was pertinent for me, and seems like the kind of book that would be good for many of my “radical” friends.

However, I was personally disappointed in a few minor details of the book. I felt that the author compromised with the world when he identified (positively) with secular rock songs and used street slang excessively. I understand that these come along with the culture he is from and is trying to reach, but the book failed to live up to my standards of what a man should be. Even more so, I felt the book could have emphasized the vision of God’s glory and Christ’s supremacy more. It felt too much like it was about “me” and not enough about Christ.

Overall, this book rates a 3+ out of 5. Good content, but not the best possible.


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Thanks for the review and honest response. For the record, I disagree with you about the use of secular song lyrics. Too many reasons to discuss here. But I completely agree with you on your last point. There should have been, and could have been much more glorification of Christ and His role in the story of radicals. I will likely take your input to heart and go much deeper next time… and lift Him much higher. Thanks again for your time and your comments.

All God’s radical best. Peace. Mike Barrett

Comment by Mike Barrett

Thanks for the comments. I just read this last month and really connected with it. The Christian faith doesn’t have to be just one series of potlucks after another 🙂

Comment by Brian

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