The Delightful Way


 Samuel Kordik


My name is Samuel Kordik, and I am a young man living in East Texas and serving with the International ALERT Academy. I have been with ALERT for over two years; along the way I have received training, certifications and experience in a several fields related to emergency response.

My Mission

“I exist to promote the dominion of Christ in all things for the joy of all peoples.” 

My heart is for young men—I want to see young men take up the cross of Christ in seriousness, eschewing the weak expectations of our culture, defying the resistance of the enemy, and mortifying their own fleshly appetites in order to seize that which is more rewarding—the Kingdom of Heaven. 


In 2005, I completed EMT-Basic, generalized emergency response/disaster relief training, police SCUBA diver and ALERT Basic training. I also participated in several disaster relief deployments all over the Gulf coast in the wake of the numerous hurricanes.

In 2006, I completed Firefighter level 2, several different technical rescue disciplines, and worked with the Quest program.

This spring, I completed EMT-Paramedic and I am now currently occupied in working with the Quest program for a second year.



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