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Book Review: Hand Me Another Brick
March 29, 2007, 8:39 pm
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Book coverHand Me Another Brick: How Effective Leaders Motivate Themselves and Others
Charles R. Swindoll. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. 1998.

There have been many books written on leadership. Just this spring, for instance, I have read at least ten different books. Out of these, “Hand Me Another Brick” stands out because of its strong Scriptural base, the emphasis on timeless principles, and the eminent practicality of Swindoll’s insights. It is a well-organized, easily readable book that covers the basics of Leadership in an effective and comphrensive manner.

Using the Biblical “memoirs” of Nehemiah as a guide, Swindoll distills principles of leadership that Nehemiah demonstrated in his roles as cupbearer, builder and governor.

Throughout the book, the importance of devotion to God and of prayer are emphasized. But, so is the need for action: to “Take problems by the throat”, to face problems head on, and to plan thoughtfully. I appreciated this book’s careful and thorough evaluation of criticism, opposition and discouragement. These three “enemies” frequently undermine otherwise strong leaders and are rarely addressed in much contemporary literature. Using Nehemiah’s experiences as a guide, Swindoll clarifies the causes and then explicitly outlines the cure for each of these negative problems.

The book’s format is well organized. It works through Nehemiah’s life in a chronological fashion, yet outlines the topics in a sequential manner ideal for easy understanding. Each chapter contains specific points to remember, and an excellent study guide in the appendix brings the material home for clear applications.

Overall, this book ranks as one of the best books on leadership I’ve read. It is broad in reach, dead center in focus, and powerful in application. I highly recommend this book.