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Effective Communication Briefs
May 31, 2007, 1:16 pm
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Today, I was assembling templates for daily briefings/memos and came across an old article regarding the Presidential Daily Briefing given to President Bush regarding the Bin Laden Threat:

I speak specifically to the design of the document. It’s clearly inefficient in its purpose to communicate the assessment of threats against the United States. While a better designed document might not save the world, I believe it would help the President (Bush or otherwise) to quickly and more effectively assess the information given to him.

Read the rest at: Airbag – A Better Tighty Whitey.

The Challenge of Effective Presentation

I think he makes several good points. What is particularly challenging, however, is preparing reports/briefs/memos in such a way as to highlight truly important information — making them easily scannable.Things like paragraph separation, indentation, lists, and formatting can make a difference.This is quite a challenge! Add to this that users don’t expect this presentation, thus the design must be such that it grabs their attention. Continue reading